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BetAmerica is one of the finest bookies that you can spend your money in. Since we do appreciate that you need value for your hard earned money, our team of dedicated professionals will take you through how your money can work for you in this bookie. There is a special 100% up to $300 welcome Bonus that you shouldn’t miss out on. You just need to redeem it using our BetAmerica Promo Code EXPERTWELCOME and you get your free real cash for playing with online. Furthermore in this exclusive review, we are going to take you through both sides of the coin so that you can make the best possible decisions as you wager online.


BetAmerica Bonus Offer

Promotion termsDescription
Type of OfferDeposit Bonus
BetAmerica Promo CodeEXPERTWELCOME
Promotion Offer100% up to $300

3 Easy Steps to Earn Bonuses at BetAmerica

Do you recall Paul Newman, in the movie, The Color of Money? He says, “A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned” That is exactly how the bonuses at BetAmerica are going to make you feel once you create an account with them. However, before proceeding you are advised to check the minimum age limit stipulated within the jurisdiction of your state. Below are three simple steps that will lead you to the amazing deposit promo.

Sign up

This is the initial stage in the process of earning your sweet 100% deposit bonus. You need to open up an actual account for your usage in gaming on the platform. You are required to click the “SIGN UP NOW” button and proceed to fill in your personal details form. It will take you approximately less than two minutes and you will be a player already.
You will enter your:

  • Contact information
  • Residential address
  • Account information-(don’t forget to enter the Promo Code EXPERTWELCOME)
  • Age

Once you are done, click the “Submit” button and you will have completed the registration.


Now that you have an account already, you are a step away to start making money with the extra bonus reward. You need to load some money to get started and the casino will give you a boost with the bonus as long as you entered the EXPERTWELCOME promotional code as you were signing up. You have a variety of deposit options to choose from when you are loading your bankroll; Visa, MasterCard, PayNearMe, Neteller and eCash (ACH). Enter the details of your card from above payment options, then you will enter the sum you want to deposit. After doing all these, the money will be automatically added to your account waiting for you to it in your real money bets. From there you should should be able to claim sign up bonus of 100% up to a deposit of $300 as long as you entered our unique EXPERTWELCOME promo code.

Play And Win!

With the BetAmerica promocode awarded to you, you can now play your heart out. You have the deposit bonus to help you place more bets and more returns with huge payouts. You you are your own boss and your opportunities are limitless with the extra real cash.


What is the 100% up to 300$ deposit promo?

To help you understand this, lets us define what a bonus code is. This will help you understand more about the topic at hand and you won’t get left behind in the bonus party.
A bonus code is basically unique code that will be offered to you by the bookmaker. It can either be made up of alphabets, numbers or other characters in stand alone. In some cases it is made up of a mixture of the three; alphabet letters, digits and characters. Sole works for the code is to enable you to reclaim the bonus offered. Essentially, they redeem the bonus for you so that you can unlock the benefits that the bookie offers to the players like you. The BetAmerica promo code in this case is made of block letters only: EXPERTWELCOME.

Every time you are gaming online it’s sensible for you know the specifics which bonus you need to get, and the successively redeeming procedure. It is relatively fast, stress free and simple. For example for this promotion, you can just copy and paste the code to your form as you sign up and the bonus becomes yours. Now that all is cleared, let’s get to the specifics of this particular deposit promo.

100% up to $300 Bonus means that; you get double your initial deposit when you register to play. There is a cap to the amount of money you can deposit in order to earn the double benefit. This 100% bonus is only applicable to deposits of up to $300. Thus, the best decision that you can make is loading $300 deposit and you will get the maximum benefit out of the offer. This also means that you will have a lot more playing options. Just to be clear you shouldn’t forget about inputting our Promo Code, EXPERTWELCOME, as a new user. If you fail to do so, then your chances of getting introductory offers are void.


Terms and Conditions of BetAmerica Promo Code

Apart from the bonus itself, one of the most important parts of redeeming any bonus whatsoever is understanding the terms and conditions that come with it. Most people have a habit of getting too excited by the bonuses and this results to roadblocks as they try to reap the benefits. No matter how enticing any bonus is, you have to check out what the terms and conditions say. That way, you can be absolutely sure what you need to do to stay within what the bookmaker needs for you to take advantage of the offer being provided. Here are the requirements for the BetAmerica Promo Code once you use our exclusive code.

  1. You should use the initial deposit before the lapse of a full year for you enjoy the bonus
  2. You will only receive the 100% bonus if your initial deposit is not exceeding $300
  3. The 100% bonus offer is only applicable in your initial deposit after registration
  4. The BetAmerica Promo Code, EXPERTWELCOME, is exclusive and for you when registering your first account only
  5. Regardless of the first result you post after your first play, you will still retain the bonus allocated for you
  6. You will get the deposit match up after your make your first deposit with BetAmerica
  7. The bonus balance will be released into your cash balance at a rate of 10% of the value of the racing bet.
  8. You must be of the age not less than 18 years, though for Alabama residents, the limit has been for 19 years of age and above to create an account at BetAmerica and subsequently win the bonus. Texas residents must have attained the age of 21 years. Make sure you abide by the legal states regulations with this.
  9. If you reside in either Canada or US, you will be required to fill in the last 4 digits in your Social Security-Number to confirm your identity as you create your account before you go for the bonus.


BetAmerica Promotions

Apart from the initial deposit bonus that you earn after using our promotional bonus code, there are still a few extra exciting bonuses waiting for you at BetAmerica. Let us have a brief look at each.


While actively logged in to your account, click on the ‘Promotion’ button, then proceed to ‘Refer-A-Friend’ option. You will then be required to enter your friend’s email address and send the lucky individual a message. Your friend will therefore be informed on the mail on how to get the 100% promo code bonus on their initial deposit. So how will you benefit from this?

You will gain whenever your invited friend makes a minimum of $50 on the first deposit within 30 days from the day he/she was invited or plays at the minimum $100 60 days from the day of the invitation.The friend too will have to use the BetAmerica Promo Code, EXPERTWELCOME.

Wager Rewards

You are eligible for such reward from the moment you make your initial deposit. Each time you place wagers in racing and any other betting games, you garner additional points, which are referred to as rewards. You have the liberty to use the rewards in future bets since they are always posted immediately after every race. You are always awarded an equivalent amount of points to the sum of money wagered. For every 1000 points, you can cash it for $10 or place it as a bet. The points will never expire and you have the freedom to accumulate the number of points as long as you will require.

Woodbine Wednesday

Wednesday is a fun day for you. You are eligible for a 20% increase in your winnings. But how do you get it? You have to hit a winning pick, the Guaranteed Early Pick 4 inclusive. This therefore means that, if your winnings was $100, it will be increased to $120. You are rewarded more for winning on Wednesday.

Superfecta Sunday

Super Sunday! Your Sunday gets an extra jolt of energy at BetAmerica, since there is 10% boost on your winnings. BetAmerica is all about you winning limitlessly. If you place a winning Superfecta bet on a harness or greyhound race, you get yourself a whopping 10% boost on your winnings. The limit is set at $200 per person.

Free Past Performance

Did you know you can place bets on past races? It’s true you can though for fun and also offers you a learning session. The beauty of this feature is that no money will be lost or gained. In the end, you will be refunded back your deposit. These offer you the opportunity to watch past matches and help you boost your analytics of betting. You will be more informed on how to make betting choices on the horses and greyhounds you are betting on. Experience is the best teacher, here is a painless experience.


Sportsbooks and Markets

BetAmerica offers you a variety of opportunities in the sports gaming platform. You got yourself to blame if you don’t take advantage such avenues offered here. You are offered live odds, when you visit the site, you get the updates of live races and granted the opportunity to wager before the final bell goes. The bookmaker brings you up to speed on the upcoming scheduled events so that you can weigh your options and get where you feel comfortable at. In addition to that, there are blogs on the site about the ‘watch out for ‘and ‘latest tips’ posts to keep you posted around.

Despite the fact that America doesn’t have such as huge soccer fan-base it still offers you a wide range of games from the largest and most lucrative soccer leagues in the globe. And when it comes to the all time favorite, American football, there are also a vast range of options that you can choose to take advantage of here. Also, other popular sports such as baseball and NBA are available.


BetAmerica Mobile

If you are usually annoyed by the bookmakers that always push you to download software in order to play via mobile, you will be relieved to know that BetAmerica isn’t one of them. You aren’t required to download their mobile application. You are probably wondering how you can play on mobile if there is no need to download an app to play.

Well, it’s pretty simple, You will use your phone browser to access the site and play equally. Here too you will be required to input BetAmerica Promo Code, EXPERTWELCOME, during registration process. BetAmerica essentially makes it easier than ever before to wager using your Android, iPhone or any other device of choice. Regardless of your locality, at home or on the move, you are assured of the same great web experience. That is what we refer to as reliability. The website is exceptionally responsive and it responds exceptionally well for any size of mobile device that you want to use.

On the other hand, if you feel that a app is more convenient for you to wager with at this bookie, there is an exclusive application for iOS users where you will also get a remarkably user friendly experience. Unfortunately for now, Android users and users of any other mobile platforms will have to stick to the responsive full site for betting.

All in all, whether you use an app or not, the following features are available for you on a mobile platform:

  • Play daily fantasy
  • Easy and quick placements of all available bets
  • All racing results available
  • Watch live high-quality race video

BetAmerica Live Videos

Whether you are using you computer or a mobile device, BetAmerica allows you watch up to 3 races simultaneously as long the device you are using supports a multi-screen option. Whats even more exciting about this feature is that you do not have to pay any extra for the service. It’s absolutely free as long as you are actively logged in to your account then you are privileged.


BetAmerica Payment Methods

BetAmerica accepts both credit and debit cards from the following reputable electronic bank transfers;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayNearMe
  • Neteller
  • OneVanilla
  • eCash
  • American Express
  • Green Dot Express
  • Wire transfer or Check

When you wish to deposit any amount, go to ‘My Account’ tab if you are logged in, and click it. Then proceed to ‘Deposit Funds’, where you will choose your payment option.

BetAmerica Customer Service

betamerica-live-chatBetAmerica boasts of a super-helpful customer care service. The representatives are eloquent and very much welcoming to any of your queries. There is a phone number and a live chat option where the response will be instant when urgent help is needed. These features are embedded in the bottom right hand side of your screen so that you can start off a conversation at any time. The beauty of all this is that you are offered a chance to ask as many questions as you need so that you are fully satisfied. There is also email support on the site if your request isn’t too urgent, so, no hassle since you will get your response within 24 hours.

BARN Radio Station

Podcast is a major driver in moving of BetAmerica products. I hope you will too enjoy the fun and insight that comes with it. This review wouldn’t be incomplete if you were not informed about the BetAmerica podcast. There is radio network here called BARN. You can find it on the BetAmerica website, as well as on iTunes store as a podcast. This is one of the extra perks that comes with registering an account on BetAmerica. The celebrated Beemie Awards Host, Jason Beem is one of the hosts of the radio show. He is charming and lovely to listen to, analyzing the race headlines with further delving into the great industry without the batting of an eyelid. BARN is a must for if you are an ardent fan of horse racing or you wish to learn about the horse races and all the news there in.


BetAmerica Overview

Sports betting has been becoming quite popular within the last decade. In recent times it’s recorded to have grown so much that online bookies keep unveiling bonuses just to entice as many players as they can. However, you should be wary of scams on the internet that promise loads of fortune only to rip you off and milk you dry. Lucky for you we have cleared out all the risks for you and we bring you only safe and secure bonuses from legal bookmakers.From the moment that you create an account with a betting site, you are always rewarded with various forms of bonuses from the point of signing up onwards.

Did you know that BetAmerica ranks among the largest legal racing operators in the US? These assure you of the safety of your income and the reliability of the bookmaker to remit any payments after match winning. It has a host of racing markets where you can try your luck, from horses to greyhounds within the globe. As you create an account, you should not forget that the Promo Code EXPERTWELCOME, is key for you to get cool the welcome bonus

BetAmerica features in more than 325 venues of sporting competition and brings you over 3000 races, which are featured week in, week out. This is a place where you are guaranteed of great values for your money with great odds and massive range of races all in one site. You also have an opportunity to bet on fantasy sports games with daily odds and live sports to bet on as well. The drill is fast and easy; login to your registered account, proceed to pick a team then sit back, see your team win as you count your money to the bank.

What we offer you is a clean betting experience from a fully licensed casino by authority bodies such as the Lien Games Racing, LLC, North Dakota Racing Commission, California Horse Racing Board and the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission depending on where you are wagering from. In the next couple of paragraphs of this detailed review, you will get information about the robust reward structure with amazing bonuses when you play.


BetAmerica is one of the only approved bookmakers offering a handicapping contest is the internet. You are provided with great efficiency where you are able to play in contests and wager on the racers from the same account. There are more than 400 thoroughbred, harness and quarter horse tracks from around the world that this bookie offers you the opportunity to watch live each week. If you really love horse racing and you are from the USA, then this is one of the most befitting places for you to wager in. Don’t forget to input EXPERTWELCOME promotional code when you are creating your account for the first time. You won’t want to miss out on the benefits that it comes with.