The UK European Referendum is a highly debated matter. On June 23rd, 2016 citizens from the United Kingdom will vote whether they want to stay or leave the European Union. This is a major decision that can alter the future of all the 28 countries involved, but also an opportunity to earn extra cash if you know how to turn the odds in your favour.

What Are The UK Brexit Odds?

If we were to analyse this major decision from the bookmakers’ perspective, there are higher chances for the UK to stay, rather than leave. Ladbrokes, for example, gives:

1/6 odds to “remain” and 4/1 to “leave”

Brexit Odds evolution

An important event that altered the odds occurred in February, when Boris Johnson, the London Mayor at that time, became active in the “leaving” campaign. Bookmakers shifted the “leave” odds from 5/2 to 7/4 in just 24 hours.

Another significant odds movement happened when the media suggested that the Queen is in favour of exiting the European Union. At that point, the “leave” odds were shifted from 12/5 to 9/4 by all important bookmakers.

The “remaining” vote also had some significant influences. President Obama’s visit to the UK and his speech that warned the people that an exit could bring more harm than good created a big shift. In less than a month, bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes listed odds of 29/100, to 2/5.

Recent declarations from Brussels chiefs who wish to finish the exit process in maximum 2 years and not 10 as anticipated by the UK government placed the “leave” vote at odds of 9/5. However, the intensive Brexit campaigns resulted in a slight rise to 5/2.

UK Brexit betting markets

Ladbrokes comes with some interesting betting markets for those who wish to put their skills to the test. This means that bettors can choose between:

  • the referendum result;
  • leave or remain vote percentage;
  • over/under;
  • How will Scotland / Wales / England / N. Irland vote?
  • referendum turnouts.

So far, all these markets favour the remaining side with odds of 1/50, 1/5, 2/9, 1/33, and 1/6.

The rapid evolution of the odds makes it strongly advisable to keep a close eye on the bookmakers and the recent events before you place your bet.