We have all heard stories about people who get rich by winning lots of money at casino games but you never actually believe it until it happens to you. Well, this is the story of Michal, young Polish man who lives in the Netherlands. On August 19, this 31-year-old man won €70,478!


Picture this. You go on with your day as you normally would. You get up, you go to work as always, and you come home to unwind. What do you feel like doing? Reading a book? Watching a movie? Or maybe spending some quality time with your family? Well, how about none? Let’s play some casino games because this might be your lucky night. And it certainly was for Michal. The next thing to do is answer this question: what are you going to do with all that money? Invest it? Travel the world? Or both?

You could play the responsible parent and save it for college tuition. Regardless of your priorities, you have 70,000 euros more than yesterday, and that’s a good thing. Michal said this was his first substantial win. The first things he will do is buy a new TV and take his family on an unforgettable holiday. Just remember that this might be your life if you start playing now. The funny thing has he invested only 1 euro for such a big return. If I were you, I would start looking for a casino game that I like and am good at. You never know when the next euro invested brings you one hundred thousand more.

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