Online casinos are entertaining and fun. What truly makes a difference between providers is the generous selection of games and the features offered. Today, we are going to talk about Energy Casino; the renowned UK licensed gambling site and the most exciting betting opportunities available directly on the site, and on mobile devices. We also find appealing the accessibility, as you can find everything you need on the main page.

No. 5 – Roulette Advanced

Roulette is an entertaining and luxurious game. Energy Casino welcomes its members with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and lovely sound effects. You can hear how the roulette wheel spins and this details makes it feel realistic. You can choose between real and demo version. What it is important to mention is that both grant access to the same benefits, with the sole difference that for the free variant you cannot cash out the winnings.


The minimum bet allowed is £1, while the maximum is £500. Besides the traditional bets, this version grants access to special wagers, on hot and cold numbers. The buttons are simple to use and visible. If you are ever in doubts regarding how the game works, you can check the help section found at the bottom of the page marked as “?”. Here you can read all the info you need to know to become a better player.

No. 4 – Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’Em is another game provided by Energy Casino that you will enjoy right from the start. The sounds are similar to the ones found in brick and mortar casino, as you can hear when the cards are being dealt. Tough you cannot see your opponent, considering that you play against a computer, the overall atmosphere is pretty entertaining. You have access to all the wagering options available in real-life, and this is a major plus as you can test different strategies.


The minimum bet allowed is of £1 while the maximum of £40. Once you receive the cards, you have two options, to call or to fold. If you decide to “call”,  the next step is to either “bet”, or “check”. If you are a beginner, it is a smart idea to go fo the demo version to get used to the moves.

No. 3 – Aces & Eights

Another exciting game that you need to try is Aces & Eights. It is powered by MicroGaming so you can only expect the best in terms of video and sound quality. Another important aspect that needs to be mentioned is the fact that it includes all the guidelines you need, including detailed rules, so you can test it even if you are a beginner.


This game is so easy to play that it makes it a perfect option to relax and win money at the same time. There are only 5 buttons “Double”, “Collect”, “Bet one”, “Bet max”, and “Draw”. Furthermore, you can see the winnings displayed for each hand, so it is easier to make a smart decision. With a bit of luck, you can put your funds to good use.

No. 2 – Book of Ra

Slots are the most popular games, whether we refer to a brick and mortar casino or a virtual one. Fortunately, Energy Casino comes with a rich selection and includes the most popular games available on the market. Book of Ra is such an example, considering the winnings it can generate. You can learn more about this if you check the Paytable. This is also the place where you can read the rules and other useful information.


Another aspect that must not be neglected about this game is the easiness of winning. You don’t need to spin the reel for many times until you get positive results. The bets range from £1 to £50, and you can choose the amount you desire by clicking on the “plus” and “minus” signs. Furthermore, with the entertaining symbols, you take a trip back in time.

No. 1 – Jelly Fruits

Our top favorite game from Energy Casino can be found in the “Jackpot” section. We simply love it because it reminds us of the traditional slots machines with “7s” and fruits. However, it is important to point out that Jelly Fruits is not old and boring, but it was brought back to life in an entertaining and fun way. The colors and sounds are appealing, so you’ll enjoy it even if you play it in the demo version.


This is a 3-reel game, but what makes it a top choice is the jackpot available. If you want to go for the big winnings, you need to consider the maximum bets. If you don’t want to click constantly on the start button to spin the reel, you can use the “Autoplay” feature. However, this does not mean that you can activate it and start another game. If you are not careful, it can ruin your bankroll before you know it. Use it and keep a close eye on the Jackpot. Good luck!

If these games seem appealing, you can give them a try today. Don’t forget about the promo code available for this casino because it can bring some appealing benefits (T&C’s apply). Read our full Energy Casino Review here.