Find out about the new crypto casino platform with the help of a prime review. The person involved in the development of the brand is Bux Syed, the former Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) VP of esports fame, VIE. Having a name like that attached to the project breathes in a lot of confidence for potential future users.

There are rumours that he plans to collaborate with Raining Games, which could make the experience even better for players. Review Bonus Offer

If you stumbled upon this review, then you are probably interested in learning more about the potential welcome bonus that they plan to add. As things stand at the moment, not a lot is known about the promotions or the potential bonus code.

The brand is still in its infancy, and besides crypto-powered esports entertainment, we believe that a prime offer for newly joining players will be available once the brand starts going.

What we were also able to find out is that the brand will not concentrate solely on a single market. The idea is to release it in multiple places all at once, with primary targets being Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Given the fact that the site and the brand are in their developmental stage, there are no exact words about the welcome offer. Without a doubt, there is definitely going to be one, the question still remains how are they going to go about it?

What we can say is that it will involve some of the basic terms – new players only and one bonus per person. Also, depending on the country that a player is from, an age restriction for registration and using the bonus offer will apply.

Stay tuned for more info soon. Review – Registration Process

Joining the new crypto casino will require that you go through a basic registration process like on other similar platforms. Without the site for reference, we can only guess how it is going to look.

But without a doubt, it will require doing some of the following steps:

  1. Visit the site.
  2. Locate the registration button.
  3. Press it and open the registration page.
  4. Input all the necessary details (personal and account info).
  5. Agree with the T&Cs of the site and the cookie policy.
  6. Confirm registration.

Quite possibly, you might need to verify the account after creating it. But that is a short process where you only have to send a copy of a document with a picture, or a similar form of identification, depending on the country you are playing from.


The rumour mill suggests that will be an all-crypto casino platform. The person involved in the project is Bux Syed, who you might know by being the Former Esports Entertainment Group VP named VIE. He has decided to ditch the esports betting market and venture into something new, which comes in the form of

There is no word about exactly what to expect here, but Syed already stated that he plans to cooperate with Raining Games we can expect loads of popular and entertaining casino games that will tickle each person’s fancy.

A Curaçao licence is already in the works, stating that we might already get up and running soon. App

Having an app that can help you with remote gaming is a stellar idea and the usual way that modern brands go by. However, there is no information about whether a app will be available right off the bat when the brand launches.

The creators definitely have something in mind when it comes to allowing players to play games away from a desktop computer. An app will surely cover their needs. But since the brand is launching in different markets all at once, the availability of the app might not be the same for all regions.

The sane thing to propose is that we might get it for bigger markets first. While other ones will use the mobile site version until the app gets developed.

Available Payment Options

Per the announcement, the brand will be specifically aiming for cryptocurrency payment methods for all transactions. This is the idea that is being tossed around for now, and we are not sure which crypto coins will be allowed as payment methods. The obvious thing to propose is that they are going to concentrate on the more popular ones. While leaving some of the obscure ones out.

Also, the idea of allowing only crypto is a fine one. But there are still going to be some players hampering traditional payment methods. For that reason, the operator might decide to throw in and allow payment card options and bank transfers. At least in specific markets.

Customer Support

With the site not being up at the moment, there is no way of checking the exact customer support contact options. But if they are going to be as professional as they present them now, we are probably going to get a few direct ones, like live chats and phone calls, as well as some indirect methods like using a questionnaire on the site or sending an email. Review Conclusion

Based on what we have heard so far, the experience promises to be a very interesting one. People who prefer cryptocurrency compared to old-school payment methods that love modern, online casino games are going to have a blast with this platform.

On paper, it does sound good. Particularly if we take into account the people involved. But we will have to wait a bit and see what the final outcome is going to look like.