2016 UEFA Champions League Final is scheduled on May 28, on Stadio San Siro in Milan, Italy. This year’s competition for the most desired trophy in European football will be held between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid comes as favourite being the most successful club in Champions League’s history. In the 60 seasons, the club claimed a total of 10 titles, the last successful result being attained in 2014.

Betting markets and Odds

There are several betting markets available for those who wish to turn their betting predictions into money. The most popular and with the highest chances of winning are:

  • winner;
  • first goal scorer;
  • both teams to score;
  • correct score.

Betting on the winner is maybe the most common type of wagering. Over 50% of gamesters are confident that Real Madrid will win the trophy, about 38% believe that Atletico Madrid is motivated enough to fight for the title while 12% expect a draw.

Another popular betting market is on the first goal scorer. At this point, it is recommended to focus on facts and the evolution of the players so far, and not on personal preferences. You can check the best odds in the table below. If you believe that there will be a draw, you can opt for no goal scorer.

When it comes to the chances the teams have to score, 58% of bettors believe that both teams will mark a goal while 42% believe that only the winning team will score. The odds for this scenario are:

Maybe on of the toughest betting markets is on the correct score. However, those who have followed the evolution of the teams and their current situation can predict how things will evolve. Regarding the odds, you will find the best ones here.

UEFA Champions League Betting tips

UEFA Champions League is hugely popular and comes with many betting opportunities. The clash between Real and Atletico can help you win big, as long as you keep in mind these betting tips.

The most important rule of successful betting is to focus on bookmakers that provide you access to all the popular betting markets. Bet365, Sportingbet, 888sport, Ladbrokes, and Unibet come with the whole package – traditional and exotic wagering options.

Those who decide to bet on the winning team need to know that the odds are in favour of Real Madrid. There are over 40% to beat Atletico, compared to 30% to be beaten or to make a draw.

Cristiano Ronaldo is favourite to score with odds 10/3, 18/5 and 7/2. Given the great form he has been in this year, this bet is for sure an attractive one.

If you decide to bet on the correct score, you need to know that the best wagers are for Real Madrid to beat Atletico Madrid by 1 point, and a Draw 1-1.

Real vs. Atletico Highlights

Atletico Madrid is a team that puts great emphasis on the defence, putting Real Madrid in an awkward situation. They can brag with an impressive evolution since the 2012/13 season that led them to the Champions League Final.  Real Madrid, on the other hand, is a veteran of this competition and is aiming fo the 11th title.

Atletico’s strategy is to focus on an impenetrable defence mechanism that will make the opponents lose the ball and increase their chances of scoring. As a result, it is expected to see Real employing a pressing scheme.