The new BookiePro gambling platform is now available for download both on Windows and Mac. Sign up with a BookiePro promo code and try a new and exciting betting exchange, which promises to revolutionize the way in which the betting exchanges work by implementing the blockchain technology and allowing the bettors to bet against each other (like with regular betting exchanges). BookiePro also offers great promotions to claim. Get in the game and win up to as much as 5 BTC (T&C’s apply).

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What is the BookiePro Promo Code?

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From what we’ve seen from the BookiePro betting exchange so far, a BookiePro Promo Code seems to be a very likely possibility. As soon as they launch betting with cryptocurrencies, it is very likely that they will implement some nice bonuses for the newcomers in order to amplify the buzz around their newly-launched website and attract as many customers as possible.

This bonus code for Bookie Pro will probably offer some bonus bets, or a deposit match bonus, which will allow you to start betting with more money than you have deposited, thus giving you a chance to rectify some mistaken bets that you make at the start of your betting journey with BookiePro.

So far BookiePro offers Bitcointalk members the chance to take part in the World Cup 2018 with a prize pool of 5 BTC (T&C’s apply). That is a fine prize for all the bitcoin lovers out there. Besides that BookiePro offers daily betting competitions during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

The promise of revolutionizing would look even better if there was a BookiePro Promo Code associated with the launch of the website. BookiePro is still very new, so as soon as a promo code is being offered, we will let you know in this BookiePro review.

Bookie Pro

Bookie Pro is the latest arrival to the betting exchange game which looks to revolutionize the market of betting exchanges and challenge the established norms in this industry. Orientated towards cryptocurrencies, BookiePro promises to deliver a safe and a completely private market where bettors can lay and match bets for other bettors, thus facilitating an exchange between them.

Their main point of entry to the market is exactly the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, as none of the betting exchanges seem to be ready to apply this new technology yet. By providing such a unique value to the market, we predict a bright future for them.

BookiePro Bitcoin Betting

Bookie Pro Payment Options

When you decide to open an account on BookiePro you will automatically receive 10 “BitFun”, also mentioned as BTF. As you play you will get the chance to increase your balance of BTF.

However, given their publicly stated stance on cryptocurrencies, we are inclined to believe that they will also accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and will, in fact, be a cryptocurrency-only betting exchange. What this promises is instantaneous money transfer to and from the website and getting the funds ready for withdrawal as soon as the outstanding bets are settled. Add to that the possibility of having a BookiePro Promo Code which will (probably) get you a matched deposit or some bonus bets, we are sure that a lot of blockchain-lovers will be completely satisfied with the offered payment methods. We will update this BookiePro review as soon as we know more about this point.

Bookie Pro Customer Support

With such a high regard placed on new technologies, the Bookie Pro betting exchange will strive to the highest standards of customer support. So far you can only get help from the FAQ list, but let’s hope a live chat will be added as well as this bookie gets more established.

During the AMA on Reddit, their representative confirmed their dedication to providing superior service to their customers-to-be, so we are sure that they will provide everything in their power to provide all the help necessary to the new clients, especially those that are new to the blockchain technology.