Roulette Strategies for Dummies

Roulette is a game of luck popular in all brick and mortar casinos. People appreciate the excitement of seeing the wheel move while they hope to achieve a successful wager. We like it because it is extremely entertaining and with a bit of luck and strategy, you can actually boost your game. This is why we want to share with you the way we like to play online roulette.


Before talking about strategies, we want to point out that this is a game that relies mainly on luck. Once the wheel starts to spin, there is nothing you can do in order to influence the results.

You must be very careful and analyze your bankroll and game evolution before placing the bet. If you play aimlessly and have no strategy at all, you will definitely lose more than you can afford. Not to mention that you do not have to be an expert in order to be successful. You simply need to be very careful and to rely on calculated moves, as it can be seen below.

Bet according to your bankroll

From our point of view, roulette is a game where people should have fun. If you consider its role in brick and mortar casinos, you realize that it is meant to encourage socialization. Playing in the virtual world is as fun as wagering in a casino. If you want to keep it that way, you need to think about the bankroll first and only after to place a bet. You can always use the chat rooms to contact other members and interact with them while the wheel spins. Furthermore, you can learn new strategies from professional players, as most of them are opened to offer advice.

Stop when you are tired or angry

Roulette is a casino game that cannot be played for too long. The more time you spend online the higher the chances are to lose money. Our explanation is the following: everything happens really fast and it is extremely exciting, thus it is hard to monitor the winnings and losses. The continuous spin, together with the urge to place the best bet will make you feel tired and prone to take poor decisions. The same thing happens if you get angry. We recommend you alternate this game of luck with others, like poker or blackjack.

Never spend more than you can afford

This is a strategy known by all gamblers, but it is implemented by few. We strongly recommend you set a loss limit and do not exceed it no matter how tempting it is. As there is not much you can do in order to influence your luck, it is advisable never to bet more than you can afford to lose. Unlike traditional casinos where it is hard to monitor the winnings and losses, online providers offer constant access to your bankroll. This means that you know the number of games you won, but also the ones you lost, making it easier to stop. If you have a problem with gambling we would encourage you to visit Game Stop.

Learn the odds and payouts

If you really wish to be a successful gambler, you need to be well informed, especially when it comes to the odds and payout chart. Furthermore, this is a game that can be learned by everybody. The rules are very simple considering that you either bet on numbers or colors. The combinations, of course, are a bit more complex, but not impossible to implement. It is a good idea to bet on numbers from time to time.

Always opt for the best tables

From our point of view, the best tables are those that are not very crowded. It can be quite frustrating to wait for other players to place their bet, and this can diminish the pleasure of wagering. If you are not the patient kind of person, this waiting can make you make poor decisions. Another piece of advice is to choose European roulette. Unlike the American version, it has a single 0, and this makes it more favorable.

Have fun playing and remember to stick to safe bets!

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