Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all times. The tremendous attraction is caused by two primary qualities: the easy to learn rules and the fast winnings. In brick and mortar casinos, it represents the best place to discuss a deal without feeling the pressure of a business meeting. The atmosphere is just as entertaining in the virtual world as you get the chance to interact with real dealers through the live features. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand better how online roulette works and how to find the best online casinos for you.

Brief history of roulette

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Few people know that roulette is a game that comes with an impressive history. It all started in the ancient times when Romans used the wheel as a means of entertainment and placed bets on which gap an arrow would stop. Greeks used their shields to make symbols and they placed an arrow near. The idea was to roll them on the ground and wager where it would stop. Though rudimental, these were all means of entertainment that relied on the same principle: luck.

However, the first tracks of modern roulette take us back in time, in 1655. This was when Blaise Pascal tried to invent the machine with perpetual motion. However, his invention was never used for its purpose and was turned into a source of entertainment. The commercial version was promoted in 1843 by the Blanc brothers in Germany. Though it was first played by the nobles,  it was soon adopted by casinos and turned into a major attraction.

Online roulette became available in the early 2000s. This was a huge improvement as people from all over the world could access the variant they desired without having to visit a different country or even continent. Once it was transposed into the virtual world, more improvements became available, including realistic graphics and sounds.

Types of online roulette

As roulette is a casino game with a rich history, there are different variations available. Online casinos grant access to all sorts of versions, but overall, they rely on the same principle. To be more exact, you need to place a bet on a particular number, groups of numbers or color and wait for the wheel to spin. Once this happens, you can only hope for the best. However, there is a thing that can make a difference. The numbers of zeros you can find on the wheel.

Online roulette, just like the one found in land-based casinos, comes with one zero (European Roulette) or double zeros (American Roulette). It is important to understand that the zero represents the advantage the house has, thus it is obvious which variant is the better choice. It is also important to point out that all reputable online casinos display the rules of the games and the odds they offer, thus, all you have to do is to analyze them before you make your pick. Also, don’t forget to examine the buttons and what they do before you place your first bet.

Learn how to play efficiently

One of the best things about online casinos is the rich offer. There are hundreds of games available, and they can all be accessed from the comfort of one’s home. There are also all the roulette variations you can think of, thus, you can experiment all of them if you wish and opt for the most suitable and entertaining. To play it efficiently, you need to consider these two options:

  • to play for free;
  • to play for real money.

Online roulette for free

The free games are demo versions where you receive virtual money that cannot be cashed out. However, they come with a significant benefit, meaning that you can see how the game works and get familiar with the rules and buttons. Though it may appear that this option is useful only for beginners, even experienced players can opt for it from time to time when they just want to relax and risk nothing. If you are a smart player, you always go for free online roulette to test strategies or tips.

Online roulette for real money

One of the main purposes of playing online roulette is the chance to win. The adrenaline of seeing the wheel spin is incredible. However, if you wish to play with real money, it is important to make smart decisions. This implies creating a bankroll and mixing this game with other ones to keep it interesting. Make sure you never play online roulette for real money if you are extremely happy or sad as in those moments you are prone to make poor decisions. In these cases, stick to the free version at least until you can calm down.

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Where to play your favorite roulette variation

The good news is that all reputable online casinos offer a wide selection of roulette games. If you are in doubts, you can check the reviews on our site and find the provider that suits your needs. We have focused on the ones that also come with the most appealing welcome offers. Here is what you need to know about choosing the best online casino to play roulette:

  • it needs to include the roulette version you are looking for (with one or two zeros);
  • it needs to have a wide selection of games so you can alternate them;
  • it needs to be licensed and regulated;
  • it needs to include a welcome offer that grants access to bonus money.

If you consider the four points presented above, you can turn into a winner right from the start. It is also vital to keep in mind that this game relies mainly on luck. Once the wheel begins to spin, there is nothing you can do to influence where it will stop. As a result, there are absolutely no online roulette strategies that can guarantee positive outcome all the time. The sole thing you can do to keep the bankroll under control is to quit when you lose several games in a row. Moderation is the key, no matter what game of luck you decide to play.


Before you opt for any version of online roulette, make sure you have your priorities set. Never invest more than you can afford and stay in touch with the latest articles regarding this topic. In the end, the quality of the online casino you choose will define your overall experience.