Scheduled for 7 May 2016 at Manchester Arena, the battle between Anthony Crolla vs. Ismael Barroso will decide the future WBA lightweight champion.

The contenders

Although Anthony Crolla enters the fight as the world champion, the odds are not in his favour. The 29 years old British boxer has won the title last November after defeating Darleys Perez in the fifth round by knockout. Nevertheless, Crolla is determined to defend his title against the hard-hitting Venezuelan boxer, Ismael Barroso. The current champion has a record of 30-4-3 with 12 knockouts.

In a recent interview, Crolla declared:


“I am under no illusion … this is a tough task but there was no way I was not going to take the fight. People said I was going to duck him – if I don’t fight him I lose my belt, simple. Of course, I am going to fight him; I’ve worked too hard to become world champion to give it away”.

After brutally defeating Kevin Mitchell in the fifth round by KO last December, Ismael Barroso has become the WBA Interim world championship. Mitchell dropped three times during that fight which says a lot about the Venezuelan’s punching power. The upcoming duel against Crolla represents his shot for the WBA lightweight belt.

Considered “the most dangerous lightweight on the planet”, Barroso is known for his hard punches and for his 86% KO rating. In fact, the 33 years old Venezuelan veteran has never been defeated. His boxing record stands at 19 wins out of 21 fights with 18 fights finished by knockouts. In the upcoming match against Crolla he is regarded as favourite and for good reasons.


Crolla vs. Barroso betting predictions

From a betting perspective, two markets show great potential for this fight:

  • outright winner
  • method of winning.

Outright winner.

Statistically speaking, Barroso has the highest chance of success. Although Crolla will fight in front of his English fans, it is difficult to see him as the winner considering that Barroso is an unbeatable punching machine that never stops. In fact, even the British boxer acknowledged the Venezuelan’s power when he declared that:

“I’m expecting the toughest fight of my career and certainly he’s seen as the most dangerous lightweight on the planet, […] a challenge I’m really looking forward to”.

Method of winning

It is highly unlikely for the fights to get into the final rounds. If Crolla manages to keep Barroso at a distance he could potentially win by decision. However, Barroso is expected to attack from the start while looking for a way to end the match as quickly as possible.

Crolla vs. Barroso Odds

Before you place your bets, we recommend checking the odds for each player. We analysed the best bookmakers available so you can take the best decision. This is going to be an interesting fight, as both boxers come with an impressive background.

If you decide to bet online, we recommend bookmakers like Bet365, Ladbrokes and Unibet. The chances of winning attributes to Ismael Barroso are 4/5, 8/11, and 4/5. Anthony Crolla, on the other hand, received the following odds: 1, 11/10, and 10/11. You can also bet on a draw as Ladbrokes and Unibet offer odds of 25 and 22.