There is a brand new site combining football card trading, betting and fantasy sports. Many football fans are followers of these kinds of games – and now they have been brought together in one site where customers can make money from their football knowledge.

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What is Footstock?

Footstock is the new, mobile-only football trading site that brings even more fun into the mix. It introduces elements of collecting players, playing casino-style games and daily fantasy sports.

This site has been designed by real football fans, for real football fans – and Footstock has plans to be the indispensable football app on the market. The site has only just launched so there will be some natural evolution and development – but if you get in now with Footstock you will be able to beat the rush and be in line for any future Footstock bonus.

Football trading and fantasy sports are hugely popular right now – and Footstock is hoping to get a part of that interest by offering a competitive, money-making app that football fans will really enjoy.

Footstock Review

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How Does Footstock Work?

Footstock is all about collecting the very best players in the world. You can obtain players in a number of ways – but at first, you will need to sign up for a Footstock account and purchase your first pack.

Once you have your first players you can trade them on the Footstock trading floor – or use the player like casino chips to play the Footstock Roulette in the hope of winning even more players. This ‘casino’ element is where Footstock differs from most of their competitors and gives the app a more gambling side – something that the co-founders were very keen on.

There are also tournaments where you can use your Footstock players to earn fantasy–style points. You can then invest in more players with your winnings.

Is there a Footstock Bonus?

Although there is no Footstock bonus on offer at the moment this is an element of the site that will probably develop over the next few months as more players sign up for this innovative enterprise.

A Footstock bonus could be used to buy more players, enter extra tournaments – or even as a kind of welcome offer like many online casinos. Whatever the people behind go for it is only likely to enhance your enjoyment of the app so make sure you keep an eye out for any Footstock bonus.

Footstock Verdict

As Footstock has only just launched it is difficult to say whether it will be popular or not – but the basic premise of the site brings together a lot of different features that are very big in the fantasy sports and the online betting world so it seems like this will be one site to watch.

The people behind Footstock are not only obviously massively into this new venture but football fans as well – so that crucial authenticity is achieved and will be attractive to fellow fans.